Our Mission: “To make our lives safer and healthier”

Scinet Research & Technology: Introduction

In collaboration with the headquarters of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tsukuba, Japan, which is developing state-of-the-art biotechnologies, we have discovered a group of genes influenced by the hormone signal of estrogen and used it to create a new, groundbreaking analytical technique. Our EstrArray technique has been used to confirm hundreds of genes whose response is highly sensitive when plant polyphenols are introduced into certain responding cells. Based on our findings using our analysis technique, we have concluded that “polyphenol” = “phytoestrogen” (whose components are similar to female sex hormones).

Scinet’s EstrArray gene expression profiling method can measure and quantify the estrogenic activity of genes in various substances at an extremely high degree of sensitivity. After all, substances with a phenolic structure similar to human hormones exist in plants and other organisms on earth in various forms. And, the medicinal effect of certain phytoestrogens have been communicated from generation to generation throughout the history of man for their special properties to suppress cell division, oxidation of the body, and slow the aging process.

If one includes estrogenic substances that are petroleum-based (EDCs / endocrine disrupting substances, or “environmental hormones”) as well as phytoestrogens / polyphenols occurring naturally, then there are certainly well in excess of 80,000 substances in existence for which it is now possible to accurately measure and analyze the intensity of estrogenic activity and physiological effects due to changes in gene groups by comparing with estrogen (E 2, 17 β – estradiol).

We believe that technologies with the ability to accurately measure the activity intensity of plant polyphenols will contribute greatly to mankind in the development of new drugs, foods, health foods, cosmetics, etc.

As a result, the research and technology of Scinet Company has the potential to play an important role in making our lives safer and healthier.