Scinet Company’s Energy Division specializes on a full range of energy-efficient and renewable energy applications in the areas of:

Scinet’s Solar Energy Consulting specializes in design, consulting, and implementation of application-specific energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and agricultural solar energy using top-of-the-line:

– Solar Energy photovotaic (PV) panels
– Solar Thermal heating systems
– Heat pumps
– Inverters


Scinet provides a full range of renewable energy solutions and applications to industries and consumers by working together with property owners, architects, contractors, and developers, and apply our technical know-how with the focus of meeting the energy requirements of businesses and users.

Our services include:

– Options appraisal,
– Site investigation/survey,
– Technical and economical feasibility studies,
– Outline design,
– Procurement
– Project management
– System implementation
– Maintenance and monitoring of your project to ensure the completion of an energy-efficient and ROI maximizing solution

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